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Dave, the photographer at DB Photos, will help and advise you on all aspects of your photography, make it easy, fun, and good.

Dave loves photography of all types but offers 'people photography', you and your lovely life moments.

For your wedding, a planning meeting is vital, to know how you like to look in your photos, what style images you like, the details of your wedding day and your wedding party, the family groups you would like, about your wedding venue- and all of this so that you will have photos you love... photography that fits into your day seamlessly.

Dave has photographed several hundred weddings but always takes care of the details of each wedding.

Dave loves photographing people, you as a unique individual, a couple, a family, a generation group, who your want to be - in the fun times, your imagination, or in your profession, portraits are little novels about .........fill this space.

For portraits and party-celebrations events a similar planning  meeting helps give you the photography you will love.

This website features many studio portraits; now Dave prefers to photograph on location, outdoors, the beach, the countryside, or a favourite place.

From classic and formal to contemporary and stylish, Dave brings passionate perfection to his photography, all driven by your unique experience.




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 Wedding photography

Wedding photography by Dave of db photos features all day coverage or can be customised to the hours you require.  Have your photographs on disc, in an album or both. The photography is based on telling the natural story of your day while also taking stylish contemporary portraits of the newly weds. You won’t spend hours with the photographer but you will enjoy the 20 minutes or so having fun and being yourself in front of the camera.

Dave, the photographer, is experienced in many types of  wedding- church, garden gazebo, castle, hotel, registry office ( even a cricket ground) and can help and advise you so that you have the photos you prefer.

db photos works at weddings in Kent, Sussex and the South East. Mostly travel charges are not made but you will be given this advice with the personal quote for your wedding photography. Simply email details of your wedding, the date, the venue, the hours your prefer, and how you would like to have your photographs presented ( disc, album or both) to

Photography by Dave of db photos includes

Photography on your wedding day at agreed hours.

An engagement photo-shoot including 3 print jpegs.

Copyright of the images – you can print and share your photos.

Colour and tone correction of your photos and editing out blinks and frowns.

A disc or usb drive containing your photos, including high resolution colour and black and white jpegs suitable for high quality printing.

A planning consultation before your wedding day with Dave to discuss in detail the times and the events that are happening on your wedding day.

Quotes for ‘off season’ dates or days or a different number of hours can be requested from Dave by email


There are 2 styles of album, both with many options of colours, materials, and finishing touches.

The album consultation; You will be given the image discs on your return from the honeymoon.

During the honeymoon Dave will design the ‘Concept Album’, Dave’s ideal vision of your wedding day.

This will be available to view online during your honeymoon (the 2 weeks after your wedding day)

Changes to the Concept Album can be requested to customise the design to your choice.

Your album is then ordered from Italy and 8 weeks later your custom made album will be ready.


Family, couples, children, any form of portrait  can be arranged,  Dave prefers not to use a studio, have your photos  outdoors, your favourite place or your home, it is all about you and the images you would like. Photography is supplied on disc ( USB or DVD) with copyright, you can print, share, make albums, upload to social media, they are yours to enjoy. Photography is priced by the hour.  Please contact Dave for a quote giving details of the people to be photographed. Thanks



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